If you are planning to renovate, expand or build your house, apartment or loft in Montreal East, check out the Rénoclimat tax credit program, which can provide up to $2,500. Call us for more information!

What is the Rénoclimat renovation tax credit program?

Developed by the Quebec government in 2016, this program gives you the opportunity to obtain energy evaluation services at an affordable price and financial assistance for your renovation work that aims to improve the energy efficiency of your home. With the Rénoclimat grant, you can get up to $650 for your renovation project. This grant provides homeowners with financial assistance.

What renovation work is eligible for the Rénoclimat tax credit program?

Don’t forget that the Rénoclimat financial assistance is mainly intended for renovations that aim to improve the energy efficiency of your house, apartment building or loft. Here is an overview of the renovation projects eligible for the RénoVert program.

Improved sealing

The sealing work consists of caulking the areas prone to air leaks to avoid, on the one hand, air ingress (cold air infiltration) and, on the other hand, heat loss (warm air exfiltration). The level of air tightness is measured during a blower door test. It is expressed in air change rate per hour. This rate is indicated in the evaluation report for your home, as well as the rate you could achieve by doing airtightness work. Financial assistance is awarded based on the level of attainment or exceedance of the air leakage reduction target indicated in your evaluation report.

Financial assistance available: $245 to $490, depending on air change rate per hour

Replacement of doors, windows and skylights

Since March 2018, the Rénoclimat renovation financial assistance program offers financial assistance to replace the doors and windows in your home, apartment building or lofts.

Financial assistance available: $60 per opening, including doors, windows, and skylights.

Installation of mechanical / ventilation systems

Depending on the type of system, financial assistance from the Rénoclimat program may be granted for the installation of certain appliances or for the replacement of a system with a more energy-efficient model. Systems must meet standards or be certified as indicated below.

Financial assistance available: $490

Insulation improvement

Insulation of the roof, foundation and exterior walls of a home provides better resistance to the cold in winter and excessive heat in summer and maintains a comfortable indoor temperature. Adequate insulation allows for better control of energy costs related to heating and cooling. This is why various work aimed at improving the insulation of a home is eligible for the Rénoclimat program. The energy evaluation report that you will receive will indicate the most appropriate insulation work for your home.

Improve the insulating value of the roof

Insulation work must be done on at least 20% of the total roof area to qualify for the grant. If the roof has more than one type (e.g., attic, cathedral ceiling, flat roof), the amount will be prorated among the types and their respective areas.

Financial assistance available: Attic, cathedral ceiling and flat roof, between $35 and $975

Improve the insulating value of exterior walls

If you are planning to modify the exterior wall cladding of your home, take the opportunity to improve the insulation. At least 20% of the total exterior wall area (excluding party walls) must be insulated to qualify for a grant, and a different calculation method will be used for semi-detached or row houses.

Financial aid available: from $295 to $2440

Improve the insulating value of foundations

The insulation work must cover at least 20% of the total surface area of the foundation walls (not including common walls) in order to be eligible for the Rénoclimat grant. When there is a basement and a crawl space, the financial assistance will be calculated in proportion to their respective surface areas. The calculation method will be different for semi-detached or row houses.

Financial aid available: Foundation with basement (Insulation of basement foundation walls and Insulation and sealing of basement rim joist), from $165 to $1625; Foundation with crawl space (Insulation of exterior walls and crawl space rim joists and Insulation of 100% of floor above crawl space), from $130 to $1300

Improving the insulating value of an exposed floor

Exposed floors are floors above a space that is usually unheated (example: floor above an unheated garage).

Financial aid available: up to $245

Which residences (houses, apartment buildings, townhouses) are eligible for the Rénoclimat grant program?

  • House (single-family dwelling, semi-detached, row house, mobile home, house with integrated housing, rooming house, four-season cottage, etc.)
  • Duplex and triplex
  • Multi-unit residential building with 4 to 20 units

The home must comply with the following characteristics:

  • have no more than 3 floors above ground;
  • have a maximum footprint of 600 m2
  • have an envelope that is in a suitable condition for air tightness testing;
  • be built and lived in for at least 12 months prior to program participation
  • be habitable all year round;
  • be for residential use on more than 50% of the total floor area including the basement;
  • be located on the territory of Quebec.

The home must also comply with the following criteria:

  • rest on a permanent foundation;
  • have a heating system that maintains the interior temperature of the home at 21°C;
  • have an electrical entrance with alternating current distributed throughout the house;
  • be supplied with potable water from the municipality or from a private source;
  • be served by a municipally provided sewer service, a private septic tank or a sewage disposal tank;
  • have at least one bedroom, one bathroom and a kitchen area with a sink and a regular working oven.


Any questions?

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