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The Construction Précellence planning process allows you to progressively develop your project according to your budget, your needs and your desires for ensured success.

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Construction Précellence’s strength lies in its team’s ability to combine architectural, design and technical expertise during project implementation. This professional collaborative effort results in a in a comprehensive and precise planning for each of the projects entrusted to the company.


Preliminary meeting

At the first meeting, discussions will focus on your needs, options, budgeting and planning stages for your project. The different company departments will also be presented and you will have the opportunity to start your project on a clearly defined basis.


Planning your project

During the concept development phase, you will collaborate with the company’s architecture, design and construction professionals to define your needs, desires and options. Throughout the planning process, the company’s technical expertise is applied to ensure that the concepts are entirely achievable. Every project, big or small, receives the same level of effort for its development.

Depending on the project size, here is a sample of the planning stages:

  • Architectural concept development
  • Interior design development
  • Interior designs that may include kitchen and bathroom
  • Optimization of interior layout
  • Choice of materials
  • Technical expertise: plumbing, electricity, ventilation, heating
  • Optimization of development techniques: structure and framework
  • Detailed estimate of the work to be done
  • 3D rendering
  • Precise estimation of development costs
  • Progress schedule
  • Study of building codes and municipal by-laws
  • Support for the permit application


Project execution

For the project launch, the company begins with a series of preparations in anticipation of the work. The company workers and specialists then proceed to do an impeccable job with the utmost care and attention. Each project has a team leader and all stages of implementation are carefully coordinated by a worksite manager.

The company guarantees that your work will be completed within the agreed-upon deadlines. In case of delay, a penalty will be paid for each day of delay. Construction Précellence is the only company in its field to offer such a guarantee for deadlines.

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