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Construction Précellence has extensive expertise in the design and implementation of home addition projects of all types. Whether modern or traditional architecture, every small detail is considered to ensure the new structure is perfectly integrated with the existing one.

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Planning your

home addition project

A home addition project requires proper planning. In this regard, a high level of construction expertise contributes to the design team’s success in preparing plans and specifications. Moreover, the company is familiar with building codes and standards as well as municipal by-laws for the purposes of obtaining a building permit.

Enhance your interior spaces

New interior spaces are carefully optimized to provide future occupants with creative, simple and efficient layout solutions. The designers will guide you through the choice of high quality durable materials while always respecting the chosen style and the budget.

Our approach

Project execution

Project work is carried out by the Construction Précellence team, comprised of home addition workers and specialists. Throughout the project, you will continuously receive comprehensive support and you can rest assured that deadlines will be respected.

Additional services

Construction Précellence can also provide a wide range of services to complement the home extension project including kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation or exterior redesign. Moreover, our flexible project approach gives every client the freedom to choose between full or partial implementation if they wish to carry out certain work independently.

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Home addition costs in

Greater Montreal

Home extension project examples

  • On a 12 ‘x 12’ floor (semi-finished basement included): costs start around $125,000 and the average is around $150,000
  • On a 12 ‘x 25’ floor (semi-finished basement included): costs start around $170,000 and the average is around $200,000
  • On two floors 12 ‘x 12’ (semi-finished basement included): costs start around $130,000 and the average is around $150,000
  • On two floors 12 ‘x 25’ (semi-finished basement included): costs start at around $225,000 and the average is around $260,000
  • Construction of a 12 ‘x 25’ garage: costs start around $130,000 and the average is around $ 150,000.

Note: Currently, there is almost no difference between the construction of a garage and the construction of a habitable room.

Factors influencing project costs:

  • Architectural integration complexity
  • Carrying out the extension on foundation piles will lower the cost by approximately 10%
  • Degree of difficulty joining new structures to existing ones
  • Work needing to be done on the existing building to carry out the project
  • Worksite accessibility
  • Door and window choice and quantity
  • Finishing the basement
  • Material choice

Our Approach: 360º

Our team is able to handle all the dimensions of a 360º degree building project.

Construction Precellence ensures that you receive full support, a design tailored to your wishes and needs and guaranteed quality for your project.

Construction Précellence
Plan design
Construction Précellence
Interior & Exterior Design
Construction Précellence
Construction Précellence
Technical advice
Construction Précellence
A trustworthy budget study
Construction Précellence
Project planning & management
Construction Précellence
Approvals & Permitting
Construction Précellence

*We do not offer these services on an individual basis, but only as part of a complete turnkey project.

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Why Us

Comprehensive Support

Throughout your project, from the first meeting until the work is finished, you will receive comprehensive support from both the design team and work teams. The specialists will help you make the best decisions to plan and carry out your construction or renovation project in Greater Montreal.

Tailored Design

The Construction Précellence team offers its expertise and passion to create homes that are carefully tailored to the desires and needs of their clientele. Each project undergoes a unique creative process in which all the best ideas are gathered to produce an ideal design. Whether your style is more modern or classic, your new milieu will be designed to reflect you.

Flawless Execution

Work execution and scheduling is carefully planned before the project begins to ensure the best possible experience. The teams of workers and professionals have, first and foremost, respect for the premises and the residents and make certain to carry out high quality work. Construction Précellence is the only company today that offers a work schedule guarantee. In other words, you can rest assured that deadlines will be respected.

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We will be happy to answer any questions about our services, or to discuss your project with us to see how we can ensure its success!

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