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Q: Which areas do you serve?

We serve the Greater Montreal Area and the North Shore.

Q: Who should attend the first meeting?

It is important that everyone who will be involved in the decisions related to your renovation project attend the first meeting, namely both members of a couple or everyone who is responsible for making decisions.

Q: Do I need to prepare anything for the first meeting?

Not necessarily, but preparing a list of the work that you would like to have done and identifying your priorities may be useful in order to ensure that nothing is forgotten. If your project involves an expansion, it may also be helpful to have your certificate of location in hand.

Q: How long will the first meeting take?

In general, the first meeting will last between 90 minutes and 2 hours, but it may last longer.

Q: Who makes up your planning and design team?

In order to provide you with superior-quality plans and designs with a view to ensuring the success of your project, our team comprises a number of professionals, including architects, designers, architecture technicians, building technologists and engineers. The designs are prepared at our offices. Depending on the type of project and the contract, our entire team may be involved in the development of your project. Our professionals are here to ensure that your expectations are met.

Q: Do your designers also specialize in layouts for kitchens or bathrooms?

All of our designers are involved in numerous kitchen and bathroom renovations projects every year. They have solid expertise with respect to the necessary elements and the latest trends.

Q: What is the main advantage of having our plans prepared by your company?

By entrusting us with the design of the plans for your project, you are guaranteed to work with professionals who are not only highly skilled in design, but also in the execution of the work. Our expertise in construction and renovation will be a distinct advantage in the development of your plans in terms of ensuring that the proposed work will be carried out using the most advanced construction techniques.

The mechanical aspects, such as electricity, plumbing and heating, will be verified with respect to being properly integrated into the proposed layouts. You will receive plans that are well thought out and ready for the execution phase. For more information, please consult the section entitled Design and Plans.

Q: We already have our plans. Can you still carry out our project?

Occasionally depending on our availability. We will probably ask you to send us a copy of your plans from the outset, so that we can familiarize ourselves with your project. We will then discuss with you the options for incorporating the approach on which we have built our success and our reputation into your project.

Q: Do you have a showroom?

Although modest in comparison with big-box stores, our showroom contains kitchen modules and samples of inspiring and trendy products and accessories for both exterior and interior renovation projects. It is important to make an appointment if you would like to visit our showroom. Thank you.

Q: What are our choices in terms of products and accessories?

Your choice is virtually unlimited. We will make suggestions and recommendations aimed at guiding you toward the selections that best suit your tastes, your needs and your budget.

Q: How much time will it take to carry out the work?

It depends in the type of project. Here are a few examples:

  • Complete renovation of a bathroom: 2 to 4 weeks
  • Complete renovation of a kitchen: 4 to 6 weeks
  • Complete renovation of a basement: 6 to 8 weeks
  • Expansion of a residence: 10 to 12 weeks

You will be given a detailed work schedule when your project begins.

Q: If a permit is required, can you submit the request for the permit to my municipality?

Yes, we submit requests for all required permits for the projects that we undertake. We are familiar with the applicable procedures, building codes and by-laws in the various municipalities. We also take charge of presenting your project before urban planning committees (CCU and/or PIIA).

Q: What guarantees do you offer for you work?

All of our work is guaranteed for at least 1 year. Structural work is guaranteed for 5 years, and guarantees for certain materials, products and accessories can range from 1 year to a lifetime guarantee. In addition, because we are certified by the APCHQ within the context of its guarantee programs, we can also offer this additional guarantee.

Once the work is completed, you will receive a guarantee booklet (unique to Construction Précellence) in which all of the models and brands of the products and accessories that we supplied and installed are indicated, along with the corresponding specific guarantees.

Q: Do you hold civil liability insurance?

Yes, and the vast majority of our projects are also covered by construction site insurance.

Q: Do you offer a financing program?


Q: We want to do some of the work ourselves and provide some of the accessories. Is that possible?

Yes, it is possible, because our approach allows for a certain amount of flexibility.

Q: Will you be able to respect the established work schedule?

Our contract includes a penalty clause, which stipulates the amounts we will pay to you in the event of any delay on our part. This represents our commitment to respecting the established work schedule.

Q: Can I continue to live in my home during the renovation work?

It depends on the type of project and your degree of tolerance to disruptions. We do everything in our power to minimize the impact of the work on your daily life. For most projects, the clients remain in the home throughout the work. We will be happy to discuss all of this with you.

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