Many times, when someone shares their desire to undertake a renovation project, they hear horror stories about ones that turned into a nightmare, which often causes worry.

In general, these stories are usually related to what takes place during the renovation work (messes, going over schedule and over budget, workers who do not show up when they are supposed to, lack of communication, lack of availability on the part of the contractor in terms of answering questions, evasive answers, etc.) rather than the actual results. This is mainly caused by a lack of understanding among the parties with respect to what a renovation project represents.

On one hand, the owners do not see renovations as a service, but rather as a product. In general, they see the results as satisfactory, but due to the fact that the importance of providing proper service was overlooked, they probably developed a bad taste that lasts for a long time after the dust settles.

On the other hand, there are renovation companies that do not understand that they must work with the owner throughout the project, and the owner will usually remain in the residence during the work. Within this context, the contractor must understand that it must provide the owner with a service before delivering a product (the results). That is why it is important to choose a company that understands the client’s concerns during the work phase, and not only the requirements related to the results.

Imagine having strangers in your living room for several weeks. They come and go as they please and wreak havoc with the peaceful existence of your household. Your renovation project is sure to disrupt all of your routines.

Therefore, the company that you select should not only understand your needs, your desires and your budget, but also your fears and concerns, in order to provide you with the service you deserve. A professional company will propose a structured framework throughout the planning and execution process in order to ensure that your project is successful from beginning to end. Renovation is not just a series of tasks to be completed in order to finish a project. If you dislike the process that leads to the results, there is a good chance that you will not be satisfied with the results.

It’s like going to a restaurant where the service is relatively courteous, the washrooms are less than clean and there is an interminable wait between the appetizer and the main dish. There is a very good chance that you will not enjoy the meal, even if the food is excellent. Or imagine two couples on vacation. One couple chooses the premium package with everything included: reserved space for all of the activities, no waiting in lines, hot food served at the table, clean and air conditioned room, etc. The other couple also purchases an all-inclusive package, but from another company: they are on the same beach and the same sand, but their activities are badly organized or cancelled, there are long lines for everything, the buffet-style food is served warm, the room is oppressively hot and not properly cleaned, etc. Both couples purchased a vacation package (the product) on the same beach, but they did not receive the same level of service during their stay. In your opinion, which couple will be satisfied with the results when they return home?

Messiness, unexpected costs, workers who do not show up when they are scheduled to, lack of respect for your property, unanswered questions, etc. These types of things have no place in professional service, and as an owner, you should not be subjected to them.

Now that you understand how the horror stories that you hear come about, and you realize that a renovation project is a matter of service, take the time to choose a company that also understands these things, a company like Construction Précellence. You will have a happier story to tell and you will be much more satisfied with the results. Properly organizing and coordinating your renovation project in the Greater Montreal Area can be a wonderful experience!