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Kitchen renovation

Avenue Lansdowne, Westmount

Be inspired by this magnificent luxury kitchen renovation project in a Westmount home in Montreal. You too can benefit from our expertise as a general contractor in kitchen renovation and our turnkey renovation services. Call us for a free consultation!

Project description

While the kitchen should be a practical place, this does not mean that you have to compromise its style and appearance. Our Westmount client wanted to completely transform his kitchen into a room with a refined, classic and luxurious décor, while remaining highly functional.

This colossal project began with the almost complete demolition of the original kitchen, which dated back to the late 1980s. We started by removing all cabinets, counters, sinks and even all appliances. Then, our team attacked the ancient linoleum floor that had seen better days. In addition, to receive the new kitchen, we had to do some plumbing work, including the installation of sprinklers.

The unusual shape of the kitchen and its large surface area have made it possible to carry out several small projects. For our client, we recommended a black ceramic floor, for the ultimate contrast effect with the rest of the white decor. We had a custom-made kitchen island made in two sections, both with a wooden base and a white quartz countertop. The first smaller section includes glass cabinets for storage. The second part, raised and larger, is used to prepare meals and is inspired by the traditional butcher’s block.

We have created a custom kitchen counter for our customers with wooden cabinets and white quartz coverings. The counter also has a single sink with hand shower and stainless steel fittings. Most kitchen cabinets are made of wood and made to measure. Some of them are glazed. For a more luxurious and modern effect, our designer-kitchen designer recommended the purchase of stainless steel appliances (two-door refrigerator with freezer, electric kitchen with integrated oven, dishwasher and chimney hood.). We have completed this part of the kitchen with a white ceramic backsplash. At the customer’s request, we have integrated a cellar under the kitchen counter. For lighting, we opted for two sets of rail-mounted reflectors, recessed fixtures above the sink and lights placed under the cabinets.

As a general contractor specialized in kitchen renovation, we have taken charge of each step of this renovation project so that the result corresponds exactly to the customer’s requirements. To do this, Construction Précellence has established partnerships with electricians, plumbers, cabinet and counter manufacturers, and floor covering specialists to ensure the success of each project.

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