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Kitchen renovation

Avenue des Plaines, Rosemont, Montréal

Discover this magnificent project of classic style luxury kitchen renovation in Rosemont Take advantage of our expertise as a general renovation contractor and our turnkey renovation service. Call us for a free consultation!

Project description

In our field of work, every project is important. However, we are fortunate to be able to work on a renovation project for this luxury kitchen and dining room in Rosemont. We took the time to conceptualize the project with our architects and interior designers to achieve the result desired by the client. Before starting the renovation work, we had to enlarge the space dedicated to the kitchen in such a way as to accommodate the dining room.

Then, our team worked hard to create a beautiful hardwood floor. Then, we called on a cabinetmaker to create a custom kitchen island, with a white quartz coating, for a striking effect. The island serves as a dining area (space for 4 people seated) and storage space. We have chosen tones of white for maximum brightness. We have added custom wooden cabinets for more storage.

All appliances (stove, dishwasher, and 2-door large volume refrigerator) have a chrome finish to better match the rest of the decor. Custom kitchen countertops are also made of quartz. The stove is an electric hob topped with a chimney hood.

Subsequently, on the recommendation of our kitchen designer, our team integrated suspended lights above the island and a chandelier above the table in the dining room. We have also added linear lighting under the cabinets and ceiling lights for better light distribution.
For a general contractor in kitchen renovation, it is our duty to partner with electricians, cabinet and counter manufacturers, painters, and cabinet makers in order to be able to meet your specific requirements and offer you a complete turnkey service for your kitchen renovation.

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