Loft Renovation Côte Saint-Luc

Loft Renovation Côte Saint-Luc

If you own a loft and have some renovation ideas in mind, call on Construction Précellence, your general contractor specialized in loft renovation in Côte Saint-Luc since 1948. Our experienced team offers you turnkey services in architecture, design, construction and renovation, from the first in-home consultation to the final delivery and finishing of your project. Call us today for a quote!

Work with Construction Précellence, your expert in loft renovation in Côte Saint-Luc!

A loft is a residential space that offers you many possibilities in terms of design and space planning. However, undertaking renovation work in a loft can be difficult. Entrust your renovation projects to Construction Précellence, which offers you a personalized turnkey service that also includes essential elements such as architecture, design and construction. Our experienced and certified team includes professional interior designers, kitchen designers, draftsmen, specialized technicians (plasterer, plumber, electrician, cabinetmaker, painter, etc.), and will meet with you at your home to establish a detailed plan for your project, as well as a precise budget and schedule. A turnkey renovation project means that we take care of every phase of your project: from the 3D renovation plans, to the final delivery of the project, including measuring and choosing materials.

What is the average price of loft renovations?

Although we have many years of experience in renovations, it is still difficult to answer this question accurately, as each project is different and many variables can influence the price, such as the age of the building, the plumbing, the type of renovation, etc. However, here are a few examples of factors that can affect the price of your renovations.

  • Expanding and/or replacing an opening
  • Addition / Renovation of a bathroom
  • Bathroom vanity, plumbing and accessories
  • Kitchen cabinets with plumbing and accessories
  • Insulating existing walls
  • Soundproofing of walls and ceilings
  • Adding / Enlarging a room
  • Floor addition
  • Important demolition
  • Demolition and/or modification of load-bearing walls
  • Floor leveling
  • Access to the work site
  • Building age
  • Selection of finishing materials
  • Change of floor coverings

What can Construction Précellence do for your loft?

As a general contractor in residential renovation, our initial mandate is to ensure that the renovation of your loft is up to your expectations. Our expertise in renovation and construction also allows us to accomplish many small and large scale jobs.

  • Kitchen renovation
  • Bedroom renovation
  • Living room and den renovation
  • Dining room renovation
  • Floor addition
  • Floor covering
  • Changes in lighting and electricity
  • Construction of an interior canopy
  • Home office renovation
  • Entertaining room renovation
  • Laundry room renovation
  • Rooms’ expansion
  • Changing windows and doors
  • Bathroom renovation
  • Plumbing changing
  • Garage building

Why choose Construction Précellence for your loft renovation ?

To offer you the best service in renovation, Construction Précellence presents an approach based on the use of quality materials at the best price, on sustainable architecture and construction, on the active involvement of specialists in residential renovation, but above all, on the constant participation of a specialized team. Whether you want to change the kitchen layout, put new flooring in the bathroom, add walls to make an office, add a built-in bookcase, add a home theater, or change the lighting, our solid team will rise to any challenge!

  • In-home consultation with a professional designer
  • Cost estimates & prices for your construction and renovation project
  • Taking measurements
  • Plan and 3D model and follow-up of the manufacturing of the elements
  • Delivery and installation of the material
  • Workforce quality and superior knowledge
  • Compliance with the highest standards of cost control
  • Strict adherence to deadlines and budget
  • Workplace protection and cleanliness
  • Obtaining the construction permits required by the city and/or the borough


Any questions?

If you would like to have more information about our loft renovation service in Côte Saint-Luc, about our expansion or construction services, or about our prices, all you have to do is contact us by email, by phone or come and meet us at our offices in Montreal. Our team will be happy to welcome you and answer your questions in order to start your renovation project as soon as possible.

Our Approach: 360º

Our team is able to handle all the dimensions of a 360º degree building project.

Construction Precellence ensures that you receive full support, a design tailored to your wishes and needs and guaranteed quality for your project.

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Our renovation and construction services

Construction Precellence accompanies you during all the stages of your project, from the design to the realization, in order to realize the works which correspond perfectly to your desires and your needs.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our services or want to discuss your project with us and discover how we can ensure its success!

Why Us

Comprehensive Support

Throughout your project, from the first meeting until the work is finished, you will receive comprehensive support from both the design team and work teams. The specialists will help you make the best decisions to plan and carry out your construction or renovation project in Greater Montreal.


Tailored Design

The Construction Précellence team offers its expertise and passion to create homes that are carefully tailored to the desires and needs of their clientele. Each project undergoes a unique creative process in which all the best ideas are gathered to produce an ideal design. Whether your style is more modern or classic, your new milieu will be designed to reflect you.


Flawless Execution

Work execution and scheduling is carefully planned before the project begins to ensure the best possible experience. The teams of workers and professionals have, first and foremost, respect for the premises and the residents and make certain to carry out high quality work. Construction Précellence is the only company today that offers a work schedule guarantee. In other words, you can rest assured that deadlines will be respected.



Our professionals assist you in your efforts to obtain, if necessary, funding for your project.

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Construction Précellence is a residential renovation company that specializes in turnkey projects. It has stood out since 1948 with a unique approach that combines all aspects of renovation (Architecture - Design - Construction) in the same service.
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