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Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is the heart of the Montreal home. The functionality, ergonomics and ambiance of the kitchen must be carefully planned to respect the needs of its users and create a gathering place for the whole family. Our team of kitchen designers will guide you through the planning, design and realization of your new kitchen with the goal of making you feel at home.

What is your kitchen style?

Our kitchen designers are on the lookout for new trends and know how to work with all styles. Your new kitchen will reflect elegance, refinement and functionality. In addition, a modern showroom is at your disposal so that you can better navigate through the various product choices.

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Modern kitchen
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Contemporary kitchen
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Classic kitchen
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Industrial kitchen
SINCE 1948

The secret of Construction Précellence's success

From the beginning to the end of each kitchen project, our team is dedicated to combining creativity and expertise to ensure your peace of mind at all times.

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A detailed planning of your project combining, when needed, design and construction expertise to allow you to make the right choice.

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A design that integrates harmoniously with your home and environment. Each project is unique, and we know how to use our creativity to ensure that your kitchen meets your expectations.

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A design that maximizes the use of new or redesigned spaces while creating stylish atmospheres. We will make sure that your kitchen is in tune with today's tastes, regardless of your preferred style.

Our 360º approach

Our approach is to bring together in the same team all the people involved for the success of your project, big or small. Construction Precellence takes care of everything, from conception to completion, for a complete service in kitchen renovation.

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Interior design
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Project Management
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Technical Expertise
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*We do not offer these services on an individual basis, but only as part of a complete turnkey project.

What are the steps for a
turnkey kitchen renovation?

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First meeting

The objective of the first meeting is to better understand your needs, expectations and budget. We will discuss the use of the space, the desired design and the type of service you are looking for.

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Planning your project

The team gets to work and designs the ideal kitchen according to your needs and budget.

The turnkey kitchen planning service includes:

  • Measurement taking
  • Development of various design concepts
  • Technical plans
  • Quality 3D renderings
  • Choice of materials and products
  • Technical expertise: plumbing, electricity, ventilation, heating, etc.
  • Construction expertise: carpentry and joinery, structure, etc.
  • Detailed estimate of required work
  • Plans and specifications for issuance to the city (if required)
  • Precise cost for the project
  • Implementation schedule

The project is designed in collaboration with our production team to ensure that the kitchen renovation is completed as planned and within budget and on time.

Construction Précellence is the only renovator to guarantee deadlines on site! A penalty will be paid for each day of delay.

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Project Realization

Our workers and specialists carry out a series of preparations in preparation for the work. Then, the steps of your kitchen renovation are carefully coordinated by the team leader and the site manager.

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How much does a turnkey kitchen renovation cost?

The cost of a turnkey kitchen renovation in Montreal can be influenced by several factors such as the size of the room, the materials chosen and the type of layout.

Here is a chart that summarizes the average costs based on the 1000+ kitchen renovation projects completed over the last 75 years. These costs include planning costs.

Standard Kitchen Kitchen 10’x12’
Kitchen 10’x18’
$30,000 to $36,000
$51,000 to $54,000
High-end kitchen Kitchen 10’x12’
Kitchen 10’x18’
$36,000 to $42,000
$54,000 to $63,000
Prestige kitchen Kitchen 10’x12’ and above $63,000 and above
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Benefits of a turnkey approach

A turnkey kitchen renovation project is always different from other approaches. Here are a few elements that a complete kitchen renovation should include. They can greatly influence the price as well as the final result.

  • Complete or almost complete stripping of walls and ceilings
  • Electricity and plumbing redone
  • New custom-made cabinets
  • New floor covering
  • New counter
  • New ceramic backsplash
  • New light fixtures and lighting plan
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Exceptional kitchen projects

Because we want you to have an uncomplicated renovation experience and transform your living environment into a unique space.

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Renovating a kitchen in Montreal requires the coordination of a multitude of experts. This is why a turnkey service from conception to completion allows you to carry out your project with peace of mind and to avoid a maximum of complications.

  • A dedicated team
  • Our designs are solutions
  • Helpful advice
  • A reliable company
Precellence Construction

A dedicated team

You will be accompanied by a team of experienced, passionate kitchen designers who are always on the lookout for new trends. We are your single point of contact throughout the planning and realization of your project.

Precellence Construction

Our designs are solutions

We have your project at heart and we will guide you towards unique concepts that best meet your needs and budget.

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Helpful advice

You benefit from our 75 years of experience in residential renovation. We know the particularities of a kitchen renovation in Montreal and the steps to follow for the success of your project.

Precellence Construction

A reliable company

Our technical experience is used during the planning stage to avoid design errors. Thus, you will avoid cost overruns and extra delays on the construction site. In fact, Construction Précellence is the only renovator to guarantee deadlines on the construction site! A penalty will be paid for each day of delay.

The Construction Précellence’s difference

Construction Précellence has completed several hundred kitchen renovation projects. Each of them has been carefully designed to respect the needs and tastes of its users while establishing a creative and functional design. The kitchen is a privileged gathering place and must fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

Precellence Construction

Design and planning

Layout plans including carpentry, plumbing, elevations, etc.

Precellence Construction

Technical advice

We verify the feasibility of the concept throughout its development and share our solutions with you.

Precellence Construction

Design guidelines

We suggest the best products and materials for your design.

Precellence Construction

A trustworthy budget study

A precise costing of your project by stage as well as a schedule.

Inspire yourself by exploring our creations


Do you offer free quotes?

There is no cost for the budget evaluation. However, for an accurate estimate, we must first study and plan the project.

Is there a fee for a consultation?

No, the first consultation is free.

How long do I need to estimate for a complete kitchen renovation?

You can allow 8 to 12 weeks for concept development, technical verifications and product choices. The work generally takes between 6 and 8 weeks to complete.

Can the designers advise us on other rooms in the house?

Yes, our expertise also extends to other rooms in the house. We often work on the entire house in the same project.

Is it possible to do some of the work ourselves?

Depending on the size of the project, it is possible to do some of the demolition or interior finishing work yourself.

A dedicated, human and responsible team.


We will be happy to answer any questions about our services, or to discuss your project with us to see how we can ensure its success!


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Construction Précellence is a residential renovation company that specializes in turnkey projects. It has stood out since 1948 with a unique approach that combines all aspects of renovation (Architecture - Design - Construction) in the same service.
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