When a home becomes too crowded because of the arrival of a new family member, or if the teenagers need more space, or even if our home simply no longer suits our needs, our thoughts inevitably turn to moving.

For those who don’t want to move out of their current neighbourhood and find a new home, the first instinct is to see what kind of homes are available nearby. If you like the proximity to amenities and the peaceful area, this is usually your first choice.

Now you begin your search, and quickly realize that, in most cases, the homes that are available do not really suit your needs. In addition to being too expensive, there are always problems. For example, a house may have all of the rooms you require, but they are not laid out the way you would like, the bathroom is too small, it needs to be redecorated, the roof is too old, the windows have been replaced once since the house was built, but that was years ago, and they are not in the best condition, the kitchen has never been renovated, etc. In short, there are short-term renovations required.

When you do the calculations, you have to consider the difference between the cost of purchasing the new home and the old home, the cost of renovations, and of course, the moving expenses, notary fees, the ubiquitous welcome tax, etc. You suddenly realize that moving represents a significant cost.

In light of this, consider the idea of expanding your current home. Expansion may not cost less than the alternative, but it eliminates all of the headaches of moving. In addition, you already know the neighbours and any problems with the house, which helps to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Your first step is to contact a company that has carried out many projects that are similar in scope to the project that you have in mind. This will allow you to determine an approximate budget for the type of work that you wish to do. A company that offers a comprehensive service that includes both design and execution is usually your best option, because they will be in a position to provide you with information concerning all of the steps involved in your project.

Here is a partial list of the elements that you must consider during the design and execution of a home-expansion project:

  • The structure and framing of the existing house
  • The architecture of the existing house
  • The architecture of the desired addition
  • The size of the addition
  • Access to the land where the construction will take place
  • The degree of complexity in terms of attaching the new construction to the existing structure
  • The finishing materials
  • Municipal by-laws

Construction Précellence can help you with your expansion project in the Greater Montreal Area. Contact our team for more information.