It is not always possible for owners to leave their home while renovations are being carried out. On the other hand, it is not always necessary to vacate the home during renovation work. That is why the majority of owners remain at home while the contractor is working.

However, even the simplest-looking project can cause concerns for the owners. Imagine hosting 15 football players in your living room for several weeks. They come and go at varying hours, and each one seems to be determined to leave your house in a mess. It may not always be that bad, but a renovation project will disrupt the vast majority of your routines, not to mention your privacy.

In order to minimize the impact of our presence on the daily lives of our clients, Construction Précellence has integrated a program of leaving significantly less negative traces of our comings and goings into our service. We work in the Greater Montreal Area, and we are cognizant of the concerns of our clients and committed to respecting their property.

Here are a few tips that will help you to prepare and survive your renovation project:

  • Ensure that you have taken all necessary measures to limit the spread of dust. No matter how vigilant the contractor may be, dust often finds a way to spread. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you take steps to protect your valuables yourself
  • Before the workers arrive, take the time to empty out the rooms where the work will be done. Don’t forget to take down picture frames and items that may fall and sustain damage as a result of the vibrations caused by the work, even in the rooms where no work will be done
  • Unplug your electronic equipment, if necessary, and save the work on your computer, because the power may be interrupted without notice
  • Be sure to indicate if there are any doors that you do not want the workers to open or areas where you do not wish them to go
  • The workers will obviously need to relieve themselves, so let them know which bathroom they are to use
  • Some of the workers may be smokers, so be sure to let them know if smoking is allowed inside your home
  • Let your neighbours know if your project involves major exterior work, especially if you must cross their property
  • If your floors require sanding and varnishing, you may need to vacate the premises for several days. You should also be careful to store your clothing in a safe location and hermetically seal all foodstuffs in order to prevent the odour from affecting them
  • Before the work begins, ensure that you have all of the accessories or materials that you are supplying on site in order to avoid delays with respect to the established schedule
  • Do you have a pet who requires special protection?
  • As a matter of safety, be very vigilant if you have children, because they are always attracted to construction sites

Enjoy your renovations, and no matter what happens, keep smiling!