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How to Survive Your Renovation Project

It is not always possible for owners to leave their home while renovations are being carried out. On the other hand, it is not always necessary to vacate the home during renovation work. That is why the majority of owners remain at home while the contractor is working.

How to Successfully Build a Rooftop Patio

In an urban setting, building a rooftop terrace can be a smart way to enjoy a private outdoor space. Construction Précellence is a Montreal-based company that provides interior and exterior construction and renovation services (kitchen, bathroom, basement, floor additions, etc.) in Montreal, and on the North and South shores. As expert building contractors, we love to help […]

Instead of Moving, Why Not Expand

When a home becomes too crowded because of the arrival of a new family member, or if the teenagers need more space, or even if our home simply no longer suits our needs, our thoughts inevitably turn to moving.

Demystifying the Role of the Designer

With this article, the team at Construction Précellence will try to help you to understand the role of the designer in developing your next renovation or construction project in the Greater Montreal Area.

Communicating with Your Contractor

During a renovation project, you need to communicate with your contractor for many reasons, and vice-versa. What approach should you follow in order to avoid problems for everyone and ensure the successful completion of your project? Here are some suggestions related to your renovation or construction projects in the Metropolitan Montreal area.

Undertaking a Renovation Project

There are a number of ways to undertake a renovation project, but before you decide which is best for you, consider one method that is gaining in popularity among owners who are looking to renovate their properties.

Help Your Experts in the Greater Montreal Area to Serve You Better

All construction projects, and especially renovation projects, involve a large number of decisions that must be made. In order to provide a focus for these decisions, it is important to follow the order of the steps involved in the planning of your project. It is also important that you make enough time in your schedule […]