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Do business with Construction Précellence for the construction of your 3-season solarium!

A 3-season solarium allows you to enjoy the outdoors without being disturbed by wind, insects, bad weather and to enjoy a magnificent view, even above your head, at all times, except in winter. By adding windows with mosquito nets, you can open them during the summer months to enjoy the warmth. At Construction Précellence, we offer you a turnkey service for the construction of 3-season solariums for your home, duplex / triplex or condo, adapted to your needs and budget. Composed of architects, designers, engineers and renovation consultants, our team will assist you at each step to help you structure a complete plan: first home consultation, design advice, schedule and schedule of work, demolition, worker supervision, repair, cleaning, disposal of materials, post-contract follow-up, etc.

Which materials should you choose for the construction of your 3-season solarium?

There is on the market a wide range of materials used to build your 3-season solarium. Our specialists will be happy to advise you in order to choose the best material for your needs. Here is an overview of the most popular materials for the construction of solariums:

  • Polymer solarium: The polymer solarium is the cheapest option. It offers a wide range of colours and shades. However, it must be regularly maintained and has medium thermal insulation.
  • Aluminium and glass solarium: The aluminium and glass solarium allows you to create an ultra-contemporary style. It is more durable and requires little maintenance.
  • Wooden solarium: The wooden solarium remains one of the most popular, because of its rich and elegant character. It has excellent thermal insulation and is very durable (ideal for a 4-season solarium) However, it requires frequent maintenance.
  • Wrought iron and steel solarium: The steel and wrought iron solarium offers a prestigious style that reminds of the Victorian era. However, it is the most expensive material for building a solarium. It has low thermal insulation, but remains a very durable material.

Please note that we build solariums on residential buildings only. Here is an overview of the places in which we can build solariums.

  • Single family house (Bungalow)
  • House on one level
  • Two-storey house (Cottage)
  • Luxury and prestige houses
  • Two-generation and intergenerational home
  • Duplex, triplex, quadruplex
  • Apartment block

Why choose Construction Précellence to build your 3-season solarium?

In business for over 70 years, Construction Précellence has explored all aspects of the construction of 3-season and 4-season solariums in residential areas. Whatever the work to be done (construction, demolition, cleaning, fitting out, repair), or what style you want to give your solarium, our designers and construction team will meet all the challenges.

  • Home consultation with a designer and architectural technician
  • Taking of measurements
  • 3D plans and 3D model and follow-up of the manufacturing of the elements
  • Delivery and installation of the equipment
  • Disposal of remaining material in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Quality of the workforce and superior knowledge
  • Compliance with the highest standards of cost control
  • Obtaining building permits
  • Close adherence to deadlines and budget
  • Protection and cleanliness of the workplace
  • Certified and qualified construction team


Any questions?

If you would like to know more about our 3-season solarium construction service in Mascouche, we invite you to contact us by email, by phone or to come and meet us in our Montreal office. Our team will be happy to answer your questions in order to start your project as soon as possible.